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Breaking Boundaries in Slough - The Power of Sport - A Poem

Breaking Boundaries is a three-year programme (2018 –2021) funded by Spirit of 2012, supported by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and The Institute of Community Cohesion (Icoco).

It aims to socially connect young people, their families and communities together through regular cricket engagement, fostering mutual respect and friendships by playing, spectating and volunteering.  It is being delivered in 5 cities; Bradford, Birmingham, London (Barking and Dagenham), Manchester and Slough.


Sport is boring. Why is PE compulsory?  
Sport is long, it has no benefit, so why is it necessary?  
No, sport is an epidemic that has changed our society.  
Sport has broken boundaries, filled the seams in our communities with unity.  
Our teacher, sport, taught us to multiply love in this segregated humanity, taught us to subtract our set perceptions and not make our differences a liability.  
Kaepernick in 2016 down on his knees honouring those suffering from police brutality. Capsized by the press due to his 'lack of patriotism' told he had no regard for his nationality. But he still kicked that ball and made a mark on the world. 
That's what we call the power of sport. 
We're all on a journey to victory. Making people see sport's true reality- teaching people we are all worthy- 
Paralympians proving strength and determination  
let's follow in their footsteps, it's time we get in formation 
All this controversy over awareness, how many gestures will it take for them to listen?  
Stop play, let's rewind - 1968 Olympics the place and time. The struggle for equality and racial divide, made for black gloved fists raised to the sky.  
It's worrying we still have to use sports to give them a reason to see the problem, they have eyes but remain blind. 
Restriction breeds rebellion, and we all know no one can try stop them from letting their melanin glisten.  
Pride in the heroes that let this happen- denied by Hitler, our pride in Jesse Owens  
Now that's what we call the power of sport.  
Food for thought, Paris 2015 overcome with grief and distraught- but there to pacify the sorrow- the football game that bought hope for a new tomorrow. A battlefield with no violence, they showed how sport could be an act of defiance.  
A game with their allies both teams proved how great things would be if all were unified.  
After all, sport is all about captivation and joy  
regardless of whether you're a girl or a boy 
sport bases around a team, unity, together as one.  
We watch from the stands, communities' hand in hand, supporting our teams and their countless opportunities. We come together in solidarity to show support in what we truly believe. 
That's the power of sports.  
Sport is the greatest catalyst for change.  
See the 23rd Olympic winter games, 
In South Korea, an ideal example of how far diversity came. 
A fractured country, divided between both north and south marching side by side, 
The first time in a decade a combined hockey's women team took part.  
In these instances we cannot burn bridges with those who are our enemies, 
but bridge the gaps that divide us, 
Setting us truly free 
Sports ignite a fire in us, a drive that can make us achieve,  
We work hard to win and break boundaries. 
That's the power of sport  
Let's take a moment to reflect on today, an integrated game where all that's important is the play and your appearance doesn't hinder your say. 
Sports tackles the social challenges that are in abundance in our day and age - making us have reason to engage and feel as though the world is our stage. 

That's the power of sports. 


Hassan Fazeel

(Breaking Boundaries Community Champion, Slough, Aik Saath)