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Sporting Equals Promotes Race Equality Charter

Today Sporting Equals will be visible on the banner boards at the Fulham versus West Bromwich match. This is not just about Sporting Equals however, our presence at the match is to draw attention to a key initiative we have previously launced - the 'Race Equality Charter'. 

What is the 'Race Equality Charter'?
This charter is vital in the journey to delivering equality in the sporting world. We here at Sporting Equals, along with wider sector research have determined that people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities still encounter significant disparities. 

Upon finding these outcomes we resolved to do something about it, clearly positive action is needed and so we decided a Charter was key to delivering such action. 

What are the aims of the 'Race Equality Charter'?
The Charter aims to deliver on three vital points and they are to capture, commit and celebrate. What we mean by this is: 

  • Capture ethnicity data and intelligence - This is important to enable you to establish a baseline position and measure your progress over time. Regular monitoring and publication of progress is also a crucial step towards an organisation being perceived as open and transparent.
  • Commit to tackling underrepresentation at all levels through positive action - This is about adopting appropriate policies, practices and programmes to increase opportunities for BAME communities.
  • Celebrate positive role models and stories - Highlighting and promoting positive BAME role models in elite and grassroots sport goes a long way in gaining trust and promoting positive perceptions among BAME communities. 

How can I be part of this?
If what we are doing speaks to yourself or your business we urge you to sign our Charter. As we have recently launched this, we are in the first wave of capturing information. However, as we develop the Charter further there will be more room for involvement.

If you would like to know what the nature of this involvement is and would like to be part of delivering this positive change, contact us at: info@sportingequals.org.uk