Making Equals

Building community cohesion through sport: Making Equals

The Making Equals project aims to create greater integration by engaging young people from Asian and white British communities using the power of sport. Working with our delivery partner Bodies In Motion the objective was to provide participants with key skills and knowledge to improve social cohesion within communities and their life opportunities. 

40 young members of the target communities attended, all participants received training and took part in a number of workshops on leadership, mythbusting and cultural awareness.

Sporting Equals partnership with the local county sports partnership, Lancashire Sport meant that participants were able to enjoy a number of non-traditional sports including wheelchair basketball, dodgeball, PING! (table tennis) handball and football. These sports were selected to allow participants to interact on a level playing field and learning and experiencing together.

Over the sessions young people and stakeholders shared learning and good practice. The intention is that the project will leave a legacy of increased community cohesion and a wider sporting profile within the younger people engaged from Asian and White communities, including a greater understanding of different cultures.

Sporting Equals hope to build on the success of the Making Equals project and the delivery model established. Our aim is to engage other diverse communities where instances of segregation occur, to help engagement and improve social cohesion.


58% of participants attended a Sportmaker event to find out how they could be more active in sport as players & organisers

25% will be participating in Sportivate sessions and activities tailored to their particular interest

15% will continue to volunteer with Bodies In Motion

2 participants will be pursuing a sports coaching qualification

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