Advisory Groups

To accelerate change we host two advisory groups: BASE & SMAP.

These meet regularly and help develop initiatives and apply pressure to advance race equality.

Sport Monitoring Advisory Panel

The Sport Monitoring Advisory Panel was established by Sporting Equals in February 2021 to monitor publicly funded sport and physical activity organisations. During the summer of 2020, statements were released acknowledging the previous lack of action by many to improve the experience of the African and Caribbean communities. The momentum witnessed in 2020, needs to continue and remain on the agenda. This Panel has been established to achieve this.

British Asians for Sporting Excellence

Sporting Equals is proud to announce the formation of British Asians for Sporting Excellence (BASE), working across pan-Asian British sport to improve elite talent pathways. We have delivered a number of projects at community level across the UK that have served South Asian and British Asian communities.

Through this work we have identified that there are barriers facing British Asians and their route to elite performance. 

These concerns include, but are not limited to: 

– A lack of British Asian role models across sport

– Ignorance of religious and cultural festivals impacting performance and availability

– Discrimination in the form of language and selection from coaches and teammates


BASE has three core objectives:

1. To act as a monitoring group to check and challenge publicly funded sport and physical activity organisations regarding statements made, interventions delivered and their impact.

2. Advise and guide Sporting Equals on commensurate matters related to the above.

3.Identify and profile best practice of publicly funded sport and physical activity organisations.