Yun Hui Teoh


Yun Hui has been a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion in all aspects of her life, and in her career, has striven to introduce and implement real structural change in the workplace as well as changes in mindset, norms and perceptions as a driver for improving access and equality of opportunity.

She is an experienced lawyer within the financial services sector where she works with senior stakeholders, executive management and other stakeholders across jurisdictions on legal, regulatory and governance matters of strategic and operational importance. Of Chinese descent, following her family’s migration from Malaysia, Yun Hui grew up, studied and qualified as lawyer in Australia. She then settled in the UK, where she continued to build her legal practice, from private practice through to her current role as head of legal.

Yun Hui has made material contributions to thought leadership on and has been a key member of various diversity and inclusion initiatives and committees at a cross-jurisdictional level. Her contributions have been recognised as those of a leader in conduct and ethics culture. She has also established and chaired local forums and other events to provide others with similar opportunities to participate and contribute.