Sporting Equals x Black History Month

Black History Month is a chance to celebrate, to remember, to reflect. It can be joyous, but it can also be uncomfortable. Rather than making tokenistic posts we have been continuing our work to improve the opportunities for Black people to enjoy sport and physical exercise.  

We demand better.  

We drive change. 

We have impact. 

Sporting Equals delivers a range of programmes and initiatives that empower, raise participation and combat discrimination.  

Race Discrimination Support Service – A world first. Working with our partners BLJ Solicitors we provide support to victims of racial discrimination in sport. By simply submitting a form anyone can seek help. The merits and evidence is assessed, we work with the victim and ensure that they are advised and supported appropriately. If there is a case that can go to tribunal then our partners provide a lawyer pro-bono. If there is another remedy available then we will support that too. No one should suffer in silence and feel alone.  

Race Representation Index (RRI) – We drive change by measuring the representation of ethnic diversity in decision making positions of National Governing Bodies (NGBs). This includes senior leadership teams, boards and senior coaches. We also request data on the talent pipelines in sport. Working with NGBs we gather the data and report back on progress and achievement in the sector. We are demanding and constructively critical of the NGBs and are pleased to see that the vast majority are keen to engage with us. They can see the value that this adds to their sport, to our communities and our country. If you can measure it, you can change it. 

LeaderBoard Academy – We are not just about identifying the problems through mechanisms like the RRI, but providing solutions. Getting someone on a board to represent the views of ethnically diverse people is hard enough. To get those views heard, to see them penetrate the agenda and become a priority – that takes empowered Leaders on the Board. This ground breaking course, delivered in partnership with the University of Leicester, gives the Board members of the future the training and support they need to succeed. The board room is like any pitch, ring or arena – the better trained you are the more likely you are to win. And if you win, we all win. 

Future Female Leaders – In partnership with Nike we are enabling women to complete Level One or Level Two coaching qualifications free of charge. They benefit from experts in their field who can demonstrate and educate a cohort of women, ready to coach the next generation. Seeing faces like your own in the coaching staff shows there is a pathway, there is a role for you as a leader. This will change the game. 

We are here to demand better, to drive change and make an impact. 

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