Commit to Signing Our Charter

There is an ethnicity gap across the whole of sport and physical activity, from grassroot participation to elite competition, across the entire workforce from local volunteers to the board rooms of sport organisations, and across the media from online social content to prime-time TV coverage. 

This needs to be addressed. And there has never been a more important time. 

Nothing else like sport has the power to enhance people's health and wellbeing, support communities to connect and collectively achieve more, and ultimately to help change lives for the better. Everyone should be able to access that. 

The Sporting Equals Charter has been designed to support organisations in the sport and physical activity sector to tackle the ethnicity gap. 

Our Charter is a simple and effective framework that will enable us collectively to work towards a sport and physical activity sector that is representative and inclusive of the UK population. 

This Charter is comprised of three key principles: Capture, Commit and Celebrate. We ask that you:

  • Capture data and insight   
  • Commit to tackling underrepresentation at all levels 
  • Celebrate positive role models and stories 

    It is important to ensure that an intersectional approach is taken to reducing the ethnicity gap. 

    That means that whilst we are unapologetically targeting racial equality with this Charter, we also want to make sure that the needs of ethnically diverse disabled people, LGBT+ people, those with different faiths, older and younger people, and those with other important individual characteristics are all taken account of too. 

    We believe that by working together to capture data, committing to make positive change, and celebrating success, we will collectively improve diverse representation in sport and physical activity and effectively address the ethnicity gap. 

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Action Plan Charter Brochure

Working with Sporting Equals has been a real highlight of an otherwise challenging year under Covid.  With their support, the Golf Foundation has recruited a more diverse Board of Trustees, researched perceptions of the sport from a wider youth audience and written a new 5-year business plan with diversity at the heart of its mission statement.  The team at Sporting Equals have been supportive, professional and helpful.  The Charter is thoroughly 'unbureaucratic' and easy to apply.  We look forward to working closely together with Sporting Equals to make our sport more inclusive.” – Brendon Pyle, Chief Executive – The Golf Foundation

Entry-level members:

Mountain Training (Membership until December 2021)
Commonwealth Games England (Membership until December 2021)
Disability Sports Wales (Membership until January 2022)
British Wheelchair Basketball (Membership until January 2022)
The FA (Membership until January 2022)
The British Mountaineering Council (Membership until January 2022)
British Rowing (Membership until January 2022)
England Boxing (Membership until January 2022)
British Equestrian (Membership until January 2022)
Youth Sport Trust (Membership until February 2022)
British Amateur Boxing Association (Membership until February 2022)
British Weightlifting (Membership until March 2022)
Women in Sport (Membership until March 2022)
British Cycling Federation (Membership until March 2022)
UK Coaching (Membership until March 2022)
Bowls Development Alliance (Membership until March 2022)
Sports Leaders (Membership until April 2022)
English Institute of Sport (Membership until April 2022)
Active Essex (Membership until April 2022)
Together Active (Membership until April 2022)
British Wrestling (Membership until April 2022)
Living Sport (Membership until April 2022)
RAF Central Fund (Membership until April 2022)
Wales Golf (Membership until May 2022)
Table Tennis England (Membership until May 2022)
EMD UK (Membership until May 2022)
Hertfordshire Sports Village (Membership until May 2022)
London Youth Games (Membership until May 2022)
Create Development (Membership until May 2022)
Angling Trust   (Membership until May 2022)
BowlsWales (Membership until June 2022)
Swimming Teachers Association  (Membership until June 2022)
CP Sport (Membership until July 2022)
British Ice Skating (Membership until August 2022)
Royal Yachting Association (Membership until August 2022)
Herts Sports Partnership (Membership until August 2022)
Yorkshire Sport (Membership until September 2022)
England Athletics (Membership until September 2022)
Sport + Recreation Alliance (Membership until October 2022)
UK Ultimate (Membership until October 2022)
UK Deaf Sport  (Membership until October 2022)
Access Sport (Membership until October 2022)
Intelligent Health (Membership until October 2022)
PGA European Tour (Membership until October 2022)
Edgbaston Stadium (Membership until October 2022)
Active Partnerships (Membership until October 2022)
British Canoeing (Membership until November 2022)
England Netball (Membership until November 2022)
Archery GB (Membership until November 2022)
Active Cumbria (Membership until November 2022)
Brentford FC (Membership until November 2022)
Rugby Football Union (Membership until November 2022)
Welsh Gymnastics (Membership until November 2022)
Sport for development coalition (Membership until November 2022)
England Squash (Membership until November 2022)
Chance to Shine (Membership until November 2022)

Action Plan members:

The LTA 
Swim England
Golf Foundation
London Marathon Events 
England Lacrosse
London Sport
Premiership Rugby

Call us on 0121 777 1375 or e-mail  and we will work with you to support you in tackling the ethnicity gap.

By signing this Charter, you will be greatly helping us to shine a light on the ethnically diverse community and make a change.