Shaheen Bi

Director of Research and Projects

Shaheen graduated and started her career in the housing sector working with the Birmingham Social Housing Partnership Executive Board to develop strategic housing delivery and supporting the National Housing Federation to progress housing policy in the Midlands region. 

Shaheen joined Sporting Equals in 2008 and has built up her expertise around equality and diversity in sport and physical activity working to support private and public sector partners to create greater inclusion for underrepresented communities.  She has led large scale research projects and has worked with government departments and Academics as a thinktank in this area.  She currently supports the organisations delivery arm working to deliver and manage national and regional work and is leading city wider integration and cohesion outcomes with private and public sector funders. 

Shahen was a key speaker at the GOALS Forum @Gathering of All Leader in Sport in Qatar and has had her work published in Academic papers (Journal of Leisure and Sport). She is a key part of the Belong thinktank leading the way around cohesion in sport.