Golf Foundation

The Golf Foundation gave Sporting Equals funding to support two organisations in delivering a 10-week programme to their network and wider members of the communities who may never have played golf before.

Communities & young people at the heart of what we do

By being part of this programme ,the two organisations created opportunities and developed strong and positive relationships between people from varying backgrounds by using golf as a common connector.
We are working with two community organisations: Club Ekta, based in Bradford, and JSRA, based in Slough.


Sporting Equals helped the community groups raise visibility and awareness to help with the recruitment of children for this golf programme. Flyers were created for the community organisations to help promote the programme.


Before delivery, each organisation had a taster session with the Golf Foundation. Children from both organisations expressed that they had never played golf before and were excited to start the programme.

"It's been really good to see the difference in ability from the start to the program of the children. We have had a mixture of kids and some have been on and off but those who have been consistent have picked up a lot. A lot of the children didn't know how to even hold the club properly so it's nice to see them show the newbies on where to position their hands. We've also seen kids coming from different backgrounds and integrating, making new friends with each other. I think it was a successful project"