Future Female Leaders

Future Female Leaders, aligns perfectly with our core values and objectives. Recognising the numerous barriers impeding women, particularly those from ethnically diverse and underprivileged backgrounds, from accessing coaching qualifications.

Developed in partnership with Nike...

This initiative empowered females from various backgrounds across 15 London Boroughs, providing them with the resources and training to gain coaching qualifications – in a variety of sports including; Climbing, Cricket, Football, Boxing, and Athletics.

The beneficiaries of this project were as diverse as the city itself, spanning across ethnicities, ages, and sports interests, thus reinforcing Sporting Equals’ commitment to inclusivity and diversity in sport. This endeavour was crucial to us, not only because it targeted females, one of our primary focus groups, but also because it addressed the barriers to their involvement in sports, thereby paving the way for a more equitable sporting landscape.

The Future Female Leaders programme supported 35 ethnically diverse women in London to not only gain a coaching qualification but also undertake a variety of workshops with key leaders in the sector to enhance their skills. These workshops included sessions with Hope Powell CBE, Manisha Tailor MBE, Michelle Moore and Anita Asante focusing on empowerment and leadership. These workshops allowed the 35 women to come together and feel inspired learning from influential ethnically diverse women already shaping the sector.
We are grateful to everyone who supported this project, from the speakers who delivered the sessions, to Associate Members who supported with placements, National Governing Bodies and wider course providers who supported with sourcing coaching qualifications and finally to the 35 women who embraced the programme, learnt from each other and are now thriving in the sector, driving meaningful change.