Tim Masih

National Partnership Manager

Tim originally joined Sporting Equals in 2013 as the London Partnership Officer having graduated from the University of Bedfordshire where his involvement led to Bedfordshire being selected to host 12 Paralympics teams before their move to the Athlete Village for the London Paralympics Games in 2012. Now he leads community engagement.

Tim has since gained a decade of experience in sports development working across a variety of stakeholders with leading UK and International charities, National Governing Bodies and private sector organisations providing him with a wealth of insight, knowledge and understanding in the design and delivery of sports-based initiatives, youth-focused programmes, and EDI strategies.

From his voluntary roles with various IAG groups, sporting clubs to his work with Special Olympics Great Britain as their network development manager Great Britain and stepping in to help coach the men’s basketball team to Gold into 2019 Abu Dhabi World Games.   Tim’s passion for sport goes beyond that of a spectator, player or even a coach. More so, it can be seen as a belief of the impact sport can have on an individual, community and Nation