Celebrating Excellence: Nalette Tucker Wins LTA Foundation Outstanding Contribution to Tennis Award 

The Sporting Equals Awards 2023 witnessed an inspiring lineup of nominees for the LTA Foundation Outstanding Contribution to Tennis Award. Our three finalists were Arum Akom, Nalette Tucker, and the duo Carolle and Iman Tennis. However, it was Nalette Tucker who was crowned winner on the night. 

Arum Akom, works tirelessly through grassroots tennis, showing dedication and innovation in his coaching endeavors. As an LTA Level 3 Coach and the head coach at the Butterfly Tennis Club in Camberwell, Akom has crafted an all-inclusive coaching program, igniting the passion for tennis among children from diverse backgrounds. His commitment has not gone unnoticed, with accolades such as being shortlisted for the LTA Presidents Award and receiving the 2023 Game Changer in The Community Award at the Tennis Black List ceremony. 

Nalette Tucker’s journey is a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on grassroots sports. As an LTA SERVES Activator and the visionary founder of Sunnah Sports, Tucker has been instrumental in expanding access to tennis within communities, particularly in Bradford. Since its inception in 2014, the Sunnah Sports Academy Trust has been a beacon of hope, offering invaluable lessons and coaching to eager enthusiasts, fostering a culture of inclusivity and passion for the sport. 

Carolle and Iman Tennis, with their groundbreaking initiative, have been instrumental in breaking down barriers for girls and women, especially those from diverse communities, to embrace tennis wholeheartedly. Their programme has garnered attention for its commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. Recognised with a prestigious Tennis for All Award, they have successfully introduced tennis to a diverse cohort, with a pilot program that saw 70 women enthusiastically embracing the sport. 

Among these exceptional nominees, Nalette Tucker’s dedication and vision have resonated profoundly, earning her the esteemed LTA Foundation Outstanding Contribution to Tennis Award. This award was presented to her on the evening by Sporting Equals Ambassador and former England Netball Captian Ama Agbeze MBE. Nalette’s unwavering commitment to grassroots sports and her pioneering efforts through Sunnah Sports have not only transformed lives but have also inspired a generation of tennis enthusiasts. 

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