Sporting Equals x Black History Month:  Soaring Through Diversity: Jonathan Buffong’s Skydiving Journey 

As we celebrate Black History Month, it’s essential to recognize and celebrate the achievements and experiences of individuals who break boundaries and shatter stereotypes. In this article, we have the privilege of interviewing Jonathan Buffong, the founder of MMARAP and an avid skydiver. Jonathan’s story is not only a testament to the boundless human spirit but also a powerful example of how representation matters in sports like skydiving. 

Breaking Barriers in the Sky 

What is it like for a black man to pursue this exhilarating sport? Jonathan’s candid response sheds light on the importance of representation: “There weren’t any role models of my race to look up too but I never entered the sport to seek that”. 

A Leap of Faith 

But Jonathan’s story isn’t just about the lack of representation; it’s about the power of taking the leap of faith. He recounted how he was introduced to skydiving through a tandem jump, where he was attached to an experienced skydiver. Following the jump, the cameraman asked him if he would do it again. Jonathan’s response changed the game: “I said no, because I want to do the course.” His decision to take it further not only surprised those around him but also inspired them. 

Skydiving: More Than a Thrill 

Skydiving isn’t just about the adrenaline rush; it’s also a powerful tool for improving mental health. Jonathan passionately describes it as a therapeutic drug that brings peace to his life. It’s a testament to the broader benefits that participation in extreme sports can have on an individual’s well-being. 

Diversity in the Skies 

He challenges stereotypes with a twist on the famous phrase of the film “White Men Can’t Jump,” proudly declaring that Black Men Do Jump. In today’s culture and society, it’s crucial to redefine the boundaries and show that people of all backgrounds can take part in adventurous pursuits. 

Black History Month: A Year-Round Celebration 

Jonathan’s view on Black History Month is a perspective worth embracing. He sees it as an opportunity to use his platform to demonstrate that this is a landscape where black people can explore and conquer their passions. According to Jonathan, Black History Month is every month – just as we should celebrate every race we love. It’s a continuous journey of progress and representation for everyone   

Jonathan Buffong Awarded Gold in Accuracy Landing Competition 2021
Jonathan Buffong Awarded Gold in Accuracy Landing Competition 2021

Encouraging Diversity in Skydiving 

To encourage more ethnically diverse individuals to join the world of skydiving, Jonathan Buffong is always ready to be a guiding light. With five years of experience in the sport, he’s jumped at numerous UK drop zones and even internationally and winning first place in British Skydiving Accuracy Landing competition in 2021. His advice is simple but impactful: “We shouldn’t have this connotation to say it’s not for black or brown people.” He encourages those interested to reach out to him, emphasizing that skydiving is an adventure for everyone, regardless of their background. 

Jonathan’s story serves as a testament to the power of breaking stereotypes and embracing passions, and it highlights the importance of representation in all aspects of life. As we celebrate Black History Month, let’s remember that history is made not only in the past but in the present and the future, with individuals like Jonathan Buffong soaring high, breaking barriers, and showing that the sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning. 

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