Sweaty Betty Trustees visit our Girls Powered Programme!

In mid-May our team hosted an event in Manchester to showcase the Girls Powered project Sporting Equals have been delivering with Sweaty Betty Foundation. We welcomed the trustees of Sweaty Betty Foundation to see in person the impact that we have made together. A significant learning from the project has been the sphere of influence around young women and girls to take part in sport and to take on leadership roles. We were particularly grateful to see this sphere of influence, their parents and extended family, in attendance and supporting the participants so close to exams. Their presence shows that sport and physical activity has become a habit and a positive pillar in their lives, even during periods of high demand and potential stress from milestone moments in their lives. 

On the Saturday of the weekend Krimmz and SnowSport England partnered to deliver some ski sessions that allowed mothers and daughters to take part together on The Hill in Rossendale. This opportunity to get mothers and daughters exercising together and building a positive association with exercise has been vital. Following this the group moved to Christine Partington House so the trustees could see how community sport and physical activity is delivered, and the brilliant impact it has on that community. 

Girls visiting The Hill to take part in ski sessions

On the Sunday of the weekend we observed a squash session and spoke with the parents to understand the legacy that this is building locally. This was followed by a trip to Bolton School where we played cricket and netball together, followed by some archery. Some of the coaches delivering the sessions were former participants and beneficiaries of the Girls Powered programme. 

As well as seeing beneficiaries of the Girls Powered programme in leadership positions we saw graduates and candidates from the Sporting Equals LeaderBoard programme in positions of authority. We were proud to see that those involved in the course have not only gone on to take Board roles, but have become community leaders and entrepreneurs. It is our belief that with these women now established as leaders a legacy can be built and a ripple effect will see more and more young women hold focal points in their community. 

Following this two members of Krimmz, aged 10 and 12, were proud to announce they are trialling with Lancashire County Cricket Club, having been with Krimmz for the past two years. Their father said “I think the impact is positive. It’s not just our girls who benefit, it’s all. They now access opportunities that they wouldn’t normally be able to, like hard ball cricket with professional coaches which is fantastic. They see someone they can follow and are inspired. Their confidence now is so good!” 

Krimmz Girls who attended the sessions

Sporting Equals has been in partnership with Sweaty Betty Foundation for four years. In that time we have focussed our work in the Greater Manchester area and seen a hugely positive impact that can be summarised below: 

  • 832 girls and young women engaged 
  • 51 coaches developed 
  • Seven community organisations with nine new community leaders 

This programme goes beyond numbers though. It has established a sustainable cycle of women inspiring and empowering one another.  

“It’s been amazing today; I am absolutely loving it. Its so great seeing everyone with the biggest smile ion their faces and the little ones are just incredible, they are really going for it. Their technique is insane!” 

“I am so enjoying working with Sporting Equals. They are our longest-term partner since starting the Sweaty Betty Foundation. They are just amazing. The community leads within the project are so inspiring, they have really taken this and run with it and got all these girls trying all types of new sports.” 

Tamara Hill-Norton, Found of Sweaty Betty and Chair of Sweaty Betty Foundation 

We are proud of the work we have done together with Sweaty Betty Foundation and our Associate Members to drive inclusion for young women and girls. Thank you to our Associate Member community organisations who have been part of this journey: Al-Hilal Regeneration Enterprise, Caring & Sharing Rochdale, Community Revival, Krimmz Girls, Jetblack Dance Academy, Oldham Boxing Club and Youth Shine. 

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