Zharnel Hughes: A Triumph of Talent and Diversity in Sports 


Blog post about British record holding sprinter Zharnel Hughes and his Sportsman of the Year Award win at the Sporting Equals Awards 2023.


At the Sporting Equals Awards 2023, Zharnel Hughes was crowned the University of Leicester Sportsman of the Year. Recognising his commitment to promoting diversity within sports and breaking barriers and being one of the greatest sprinters of all time.
A Rising Star 
Zharnel first burst onto the international athletics scene as a formidable talent in sprinting, specializing in the 100-meter, 200-meter and 4 x 100-meter relay events. Hughes has represented both Anguilla and Great Britain, showcasing his incredible speed and tenacity on the track. In recent years he has been a medallist at the European Championships, World Championships and Commonwealth Games. 
The Record Holder 

Zharnel is one of the greatest sprinters of his generation. Being the current British recorder for both the 100-meter and 200-meter events at 9.83 seconds and 19.73 seconds respectively. In addition to this he is the second fastest European in history for each of these categories.  
A Champion for Diversity and Inclusion 
Zharnel’s recognition as the Sportsman of the Year at the Sporting Equals Awards is not just an acknowledgment of his athletic ability but also an appreciation of his efforts to make the sports world more inclusive. His success serves as an inspiration for young athletes from diverse backgrounds illustratrating the power of sports to transcend cultural and societal boundaries. 

Beyond the Track 
Zharnel is not just a star on the track, he is set to appear in an upcoming Netflix series showing elite sprinters in the run up to their main competitions, with footage during training. When speaking of this in a recent interview with the guardian Zharnel said “It’s great exposure for our sport. I think it’ll draw more attention, which we actually need. So it’s a good thing.” 

Zharnel Hughes’ win of the Sportsman of the Year award is a celebration of his excellence in sports. He is set to have a busy year ahead, he will be skipping the indoor athletics season to focus on the European Championships, Diamond League Final and the Olympics, we wish him all the best in the upcoming competitions during this year’s outdoor season. 

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